Water Damage Restoration

When water invades your home or business due to a storm, flood, broken pipe, or other accident, CleanEnviros has the water removal, drying capability, and water damage clean up equipment to prevent greater loss.

Our restoration services are not limited to restoring your buildings structure, we also specialize in content restoration. Our technicians are experienced in restoring appliances, electronics, furniture and many other items after water or flood damage.

Our 24/7 water damage emergency service puts you in touch with our trained technicians. We can answer your immediate questions and give you some suggestions to help minimize the water damage and loss before we get to the scene. Flood and water damage can initiate many problems if not handled properly. The following are a small sample of the causes of water damage we have seen over the years:

  • Storm damage
  • Flood damage
  • Water damage reconstruction
  • Leaking basement walls
  • Sewer Backup
  • Leaky pipe fittings / broken pipe
  • Malfunctioning dishwashers
  • Leaky washing machines
  • Backed-up toilets and sinks
  • Bursting appliance hoses
  • Frozen pipes
  • Frozen or blocked gutters
  • Leaking roofs and ice dams
  • Foundation cracks

Flood Classification – Need to Know

We categorize flood incidents to help with our decision making. Internationally accepted standards classify water damage incidents according to the source of the water as follows:

Clean water

not harmful to humans; from broken pipes, sink overflows, appliance leaks.

Grey water

water which may carry some micro-organisms, for example, water from dishwashers, washing machines, broken aquariums.

Black water

grossly unsanitary water, containing large quantities of micro-organisms and other contaminants. This could include sewage entering a building, sea water, ground surface water and water from streams and rivers.

In addition to this we classify flood and water related incidents by the following factors:

Vertical leaks

where water has spread to the floor below there will be a greater chance of unpredictable penetration of water into structural voids and electrical services.

The Hazards of Mold

Your home is normally dry – much dryer than outside, and therefore mold free. After a flood this changes and mold spores are more prevalent, thriving of the available moisture.

Due to the infection risks associated with mold, especially for anyone with a suppressed immune system or respiratory issues, it is vital that the property undergoes full water damage and flood restoration.

Water Damage Restoration & Flood Restoration Specialists

At CleanEnviros, we will start each flood, sewage or water damage restoration project by multi-cleaning to remove unhealthy material, and applying a sanitizing treatment and carry out a cleanliness test to ensure a satisfactory result.

We also look to release trapped moisture, reduce humidity and dry out the property using the latest super heating dehumidifiers paying particular focus to:

  • Floating (insulated) floors
  • Plasterboard and insulation
  • Behind fitted cupboards